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Fast and Easy Apostille, Authentication, and Legalization

Need to get an apostille on your important document? Let SF Notary travel in traffic, fill out the forms, and wait in long lines to drop off and pick up your documents for you. We will take your documents to the California Secretary of State, US State Department, and/or foreign consulate or embassy to have them certified (a.k.a. authenticated, legalized) to the receiving country’s specifications. Afterwards, we return the documents to you or ship them abroad for you using secure FedEx Priority service.

Unquestionably, this can be a complicated process, but we know how to expertly navigate the various agencies and their requirements to get your document approved for use in its destination country. We have been helping clients in San Francisco and all over the world for 20 years, so you can be confident your documents will be handled with care and authenticated quickly and correctly.


Popular Apostille/Authentication Topics



  • U.S. State Department Apostille and Authentication Service

  • $
  • $180 First document – 5 to 12 week service

    $225 First document – 2 to 3 week service

    $90 Each additional document

    Travel/additional shipping fees may apply

  • California Secretary of State Apostille and Authentication Service

  • $
  • $180 First document

    $90 each additional document

    Travel/additional shipping fees may apply

  • Embassy and Consulate Legalization

  • $
  • $225 authentication service at any consulate or embassy

    Plus fee levied by consulate or embassy to process document(s)

    Note: Consulate and embassy fees and processing times vary and change periodically

Which Types of Documents Require an Apostille or Legalization?

Many types of documents may require additional authentication in order to be legally eligible for use in another country. For the purpose of clarification, we’ve put together some common examples of documents that require certification for use in foreign countries.

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