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Fast and Easy Apostille, Authentication, and Legalization

Let SF Notary + Apostille travel in traffic, fill out the forms, and wait in long lines to drop off and pick up your documents for you. We will take your documents to the relevant U.S. government office or foreign consulate or embassy to have them certified (a.k.a. authenticated, legalized) to the receiving country’s specifications. Then we return the documents to you or ship them abroad for you using secure FedEx Priority service. Our apostille and legalization experts have been helping clients in San Francisco and all over the world for more than a dozen years, so you can be confident your documents will be handled with care and authenticated quickly and correctly.

  • U.S. State Department
    Apostille and Authentication Service

  • $
  • $195 First document

    $90 Each additional document (2-4 documents)

    $90 When required before Embassy Legalization.

  • California Secretary of State
    Apostille and Authentication Service

  • $
    150 -180.
  • $180 1st document 1-2 Day Service

    $150 1st document 3-5 Day Service

    $90 each additional document

  • Embassy and Consulate Legalization

  • $
  • $175 Consulate service

    +fees levied by consulate or embassy

    Consulate and embassy fees and processing times vary by country, and change periodically.

Apostille and Legalization Services

We help you quickly obtain apostille and legalizations / authentications from:

  • Secretary of State of California and other states
  • US State Department
  • Foreign embassies and consulates (e.g., Chinese Consulate Legalization)

Which Types of Documents Require an Apostille or Legalization?

Many types of documents may require an apostille or authentication in order to be legally eligible for use in another country. These documents tend to fall into eight broad categories:

  1. Court records
  2. Notarized documents
  3. Vital records (e.g. birth certificate, death certificate)
  4. Background checks
  5. Criminal records
  6. Corporate certificates
  7. Commercial documents
  8. Government-issued documents
  9. Academic transcripts and diplomas

Click on the name of a document in the following list for more information.

Apostille Processing Order Form

Apostille orders are quick, easy, and accurate when you download this form and include it with your order.

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