Marriage Certificate Apostille – Legalization – Authentication

Marriage Certificate Apostille and Authentication

In order to certify your marriage license for use in other countries, you often need to get it apostilled. This process begins with requesting a certified copy from the Vital Records Department of the county where the marriage certificate was issued. Then we bring the certified copy of your marriage certificate to the Secretary of State in Sacramento, where they confirm the signature of the county official who signed the marriage license and issue an apostille. We then send the apostilled marriage license back to you or directly to the destination country.

SF Notary’s team of California-State-commissioned notaries public knows how to navigate the complexities and pitfalls involved in the California marriage certificate apostille and authentication processes. We ensure that your document is properly legalized and returned to you quickly and securely.

California Marriage Certificate Apostille and Authentication Checklist

Follow these steps to enable SF Notary to obtain your California marriage certificate apostille or authentication.

#1: Verify that the marriage certificate is eligible for apostille

Ensure your California marriage certificate was:

  • Issued from one of the 58 counties of California
  • Certified and signed by a County Clerk

#2: Determine whether you need an apostille or authentication

Check whether the destination country (the country where the document requires legal standing) has adopted the Hague Convention apostille process.

If the destination country is a Hague Convention competent authority, your document is eligible for an apostille. If the destination country is not a Hague Convention member, your document will require authentication by the California Secretary of State and consulate authentication. Call us at (415) 655-9455 for a quote.

#3: Contact SF Notary

You can place your apostille order by phone by calling (415) 655-9455.

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