Articles of Incorporation / Organization & Bylaws Apostille

California Corporate Document Apostille and Authentication

Articles of Incorporation / Articles of Organization and Bylaws are important documents that provide the legal framework for a company. If you are conducting business in a foreign country, you may be asked to present an internationally certified copy of one 0r more of these documents to an official in that country.

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation contain top-level information about the organization, such as the name of the person creating the corporation, the maximum number of shares the corporation can issue, the Board of Directors, and the address of the corporation. Articles of Incorporation are filed with the California Secretary of State. Articles of Organization is a similar document used when forming a limited liability company (LLC).

Corporate Bylaws

Bylaws define the structure and day-to-day operation of a corporation and generally include provisions of law and rules for voting and calling meetings. Corporate Bylaws may also specify the number of Board of Directors positions and the responsibilities and authorities of Board members, corporate officers, and the executive management team.

SF Notary & Apostille’s team of California-State-commissioned notaries public knows how to navigate the complexities and pitfalls involved in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws apostille and authentication processes. We ensure that your document is properly legalized and returned to you quickly and securely.

California Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws Apostille and Authentication Checklist

Follow these steps to enable SF Notary and Apostille to obtain your Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws apostille or authentication.

#1: Verify that your corporate documents are eligible for apostille

We can obtain certified copies of Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Organization directly from the California Secretary of State, then obtain the apostille for you. By laws are not filed, so they require notarization. Our California-State-registered notaries public will notarize your By laws for a nominal fee. If your document is already notarized, ensure that it meets the requirements set by the California Secretary of State. Click on the following text for more information: Verify that Your Document Is Properly Notarized.

#2: Determine whether you need an apostille or authentication

To check whether the destination country (the country where the document requires legal standing) has adopted the Hague Convention apostille process, click on the following text: List of Hague Convention Competent Authorities.

If the destination country is a Hague Convention competent authority, your document is eligible for an apostille. If the destination country is not a Hague Convention member, your document will require authentication by the California Secretary of State and consulate authentication. Call us at (415) 655-9455 for a quote.

#3: Contact SF Notary and Apostille

You can place your apostille order by phone or online. Just call (415) 655-9455 or click on the Apostille Order Form button.

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