Death Certificate Apostille – Legalization – Authentication

Death Certificate Apostille and Authentication

If you wish to transport a deceased relative out of the United States or need to settle your relative’s estate in a foreign country, it is likely you will need to present an apostilled or authenticated copy of the California death certificate to officials in the destination country.

Advanced Mobile Notary’s team of California-State-commissioned notaries public knows how to navigate the complexities and pitfalls involved in the California death certificate apostille and authentication processes. We ensure that your document is properly legalized and returned to you quickly and securely.

California Death Certificate Apostille and Authentication Checklist

Follow these steps to enable Advanced Mobile Notary to obtain a California death certificate apostille or authentication.

#1: Verify the death certificate is eligible for apostille

Ensure the California death certificate was:

  • Issued from one of the 58 counties of California
  • Certified—informational documents and copies of certified documents will be rejected
  • Issued in the last five years and is an original document
  • Signed by one of the following officials: County Clerk, County Recorder, County Assessor, or California Department of Health Services (DHS/CDHS) officer

If you need help obtaining a certified copy of a death certificate, or if your relative’s death certificate is signed by someone not listed above, please call us at (415) 239-6600 to discuss your options.

#2: Determine whether you need an apostille or authentication
To check whether the destination country (the country where the document requires legal standing) has adopted the Hague Convention apostille process, click on the following text: List of Hague Convention Competent Authorities.

#3: Contact Advanced Mobile Notary
You can place your apostille order by phone. Just call (415) 239-6600.

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