Adoption Paperwork Apostille / Legalization

Adoption Paperwork Apostille and Authentication Service

International adoptions often require the creation and certification of an adoption dossier, which contains very detailed records about you.

Adoption Dossier

Dossier requirements vary from country to country and may include:

  • Adoption petition
  • Health report—a statement from a physician
  • Financial information—bank statements or letters concerning your financial health
  • Post Placement Agreement
  • Form I-171H from the USCIS
  • Birth certificate—certified copy
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable—certified copy
  • Divorce decree, if applicable—certified copy
  • Death certificate of former spouse, if applicable—certified copy
  • Driver’s license or ID card
  • Proof of home ownership or rental agreement
  • Employment verification letter or affidavit
  • Home study report from an authorized social worker
  • Adoption agency license—current
  • Criminal background check report
  • Passport photo page—copy
  • Letters of reference
  • Federal income tax return—copy
  • Power of attorney
  • Photographs of your family, relatives, pets, and home
SF Notary and Apostille’s team of California-State-commissioned notaries public knows how to navigate the complexities and pitfalls involved in the adoption apostille and authentication processes. We ensure that your document is properly legalized and returned to you quickly and securely.

Adoption Paperwork Apostille and Authentication Checklist

Follow these steps to enable SF Notary and Apostille to quickly obtain the certification(s) you need.

#1: Verify that your affidavit is eligible for apostille
Our California-State-registered notary publics will notarize your documents for a nominal fee. If your document is already notarized, ensure that it meets the requirements set by the California Secretary of State. Click on the following text for more information: Verify that Your Document Is Properly Notarized.
#2: Determine whether you need an apostille or authentication
To check whether the destination country (the country where the document requires legal standing) has adopted the Hague Convention apostille process, click on the following text: List of Hague Convention Competent Authorities.
If the destination country is a Hague-Convention-competent authority, your document is eligible for an apostille. If the destination country is not a Hague Convention member, your document will require authentication by the California Secretary of State and consulate authentication. Call us at (415) 655-9455 for a quote.
#3: Contact SF Notary and Apostille
You can place your apostille order by phone or online. Just call (415) 655-9455 or click on the Apostille Order Form button.
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